Krzysztof Korzeń - graduated with distinction from F. Chopin Secondary School of Music in Bytom in the double bass class of Professor Gerard Przybyła. He continued his education in the double bass classes of Professor Czesław Ząbek and Professor Jerzy Tokarczyk at the Academy of Music in Krakow. The crowning achievement of his education were postgraduate studies in the double bass class of the outstanding soloist and teacher Professor Wolfgang Güttler at the University of Music in Karlsruhe, Germany. During his studies, Krzysztof Korzeń was one of the 16 contrabassists in the "The Geatles" band founded and led by Professor Güttler. While still a student at the Academy of Music in Krakow, he began working with the international orchestra "Philharmonie der Nationen" and its head Justus Frantz. As the first double bass player of this orchestra, he gave concerts with the biggest stars of the world music scene in the most outstanding concert halls of Europe, Asia and North America. He has recorded many programs from the series "Achtung! Klassik" for the German ZDF TV station. Next, the artist became involved with the "Silesian Chamber Orchestra", of which he is the only double-bass player. However, he is best known for playing in the "Quintet of Silesian Chamber Soloists", of which he is a double-bass player and the manager. The band is known for their unconventional approach to chamber music. So far he has released four albums. As the only string band in Poland, he recorded two music videos. In November 2008, Krzysztof Korzeń took part in a concert tour of the "World Symphony Orchestra" in South Korea. It was a great distinction for the artist, because he was the only representative of our country among the invited musicians from around the world. Krzysztof was a member - founder of the "Polish Double Bass Association". Since 2007 he has been teaching in F. Chopin Secondary School of Music in Bytom, offering levels 1 and 2 of music education. For 12 years, his students have received 35 awards and distinctions during competitions in Poland and abroad.

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