Pianist, composer, arranger, Iecturer, journalist. After graduating Poznan’s Academy of Music in 1972 he worked in Teatr Nowy in Poznan (he composed music e.g. for IzabeIa Cywinska’s spectacles „Ajak królem, a jak katem bedziesz” and „Giganci z gór”) and aIso composed music for many animations and TV spectacles (e.g. „ABC Roznywki” directed by Stefan Mroczkowski). He performed in many bands in Poznan (for example Sekwens and Aspekt). Between 1974 and 1978 he was pianist, composer, arranger and second director in Orkiestra Roznywkowa Polskiego Radia i Telewizji in Katowice conducted by Jerzy Milian, and after that – pianist, composer, arranger in Orkiestra Rozrywkowa Polskiego Radia i Telewizji in Poznan conducted by Zbigniew Górny (1978-1990). Since about five years he is musical director of „Kabareciarnia Zenona Laskowika”. He also teaches in University of Music in Wrocław, Liceum Muzyczne in Poznan and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. For many years we was a professor at summerjazz workshops (e.g. ln Pułtusk and Chodzież). He was also a juror of many festivals (for example at Big Band Festiwal in Nowy Tomyol). He wrote a book „Skale muzyczne we współczesnej harmonii tonalnej”. Since 1993 he writes workshops (improvisation, harmony, arrangement) and CD reviews for „MUZYK FCM” monthly magazine from Poznan and since last year also CD reviews for „Jazz Forum” magazine. He recorded a few dozens of albums with various orchestras, choirs and bands. Many of them were author’s and co-author’s projects (e.g. Vintage Band, Classic Jazz Quartet, Kakapo, „Benefis Piotra Kałużnego”) and solo albums („Koledy, jazz piano solo”). Nowadays he plays in Alex Band and jazztrio with basist Zbigniew Wrombel and drummer Krzysztof Przybyłowicz.


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